I am a surgeon-scientist with additional board certification in clinical informatics. My research focuses on how we use signals to support clinical decisions. The signal can be any type of data; from a continuous venous waveform to metadata around software use.

To see the kinds of papers I publish, check out my NLM NCBI MyBibliography Page.

I also like to invent things that help people. To see that work, check out these patents.

I am particularly interested in developing tools that are low power (or no power) to improve medical access. Here’s a link to an article about our device Clipbeat. I’ve never had a trademark before and learning that process was pretty cool.

I am lucky that I get to work with some pretty great people in research. To see the work of my colleagues in the Division of Surgical Research (DSR), check out DSR Home Page.You can find out more about my research and funding by looking at my Profile Page at the UAMS Translational Research Institute.