This page is intended to help others understand what it might be like to work with me, especially those that don’t know me. It’s a good-faith effort by me to build trust by being intentional and sharing my ideas around work and productivity. My goal is to reduce the anxiety of anyone wanting to work with me and to start our working relationship out on great terms.

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About me

  • I am a husband, father, surgeon, scientist, entrepreneur, and educator.
  • You can find my professional information at LinkedIn.
  • I want you to be able to bring your whole self to any conversation with me. I work with people from all walks of life; not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes the team stronger. The core of my work is improving health for everyone and that means I actively seek to include everyone.
  • I use the pronouns he/him/his and I want to know what you prefer when we talk.
  • I love writing. I try to be thoughtful and considerate of all the words that I use.
  • I trained in General Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Things I love outside of work: building (computers, carpentry), being outside, food, connecting people with opportunity, and making someone’s day better.
  • I am upbeat and enthusiastic, but I am an introvert. This takes a significant amount of effort and I sometimes struggle in large crowds.

How I Work

  • I try my best to provide our collaboration with thoughtful, good work. I expect the same from you. I need to know if there is a barrier preventing you from this. I promise I will work with you to fix it.
  • Here’s a good example of values that I try to uphold. #GitLab
  • Be public by default. I try to be a transparent person because anything else takes too much effort. I try to work with short toes, no ego, and a low level of shame.
  • Have a bias for action. Instead of waiting on me for a solution, move problems forward until you are stuck and then let me know the options for action and which one you think is best. This helps me have a better conversation with you about what we should do next.
  • Document (immediately, effectively, relentlessly).
  • Communicate. If there’s a problem, I need to know about it. I tend to interpret silence as all is well.
  • Don’t save urgent matters for a 1-on-1. Please bring them to my attention by a phone call (time-sensitive) or email (need a response in 48 hours or so). Leaving voicemail messages for me is cool! I listen to them before calling back.
  • I am fine with direct communication. I do not take offense and it helps me get to the heart of the issue.

What I assume about others

  • You can bring your whole self to the conversation.
  • Positive Intent.
  • You will ask for my help and input when you think it is necessary, but also when I might add value.
  • If there is any question, default to asking me.
  • You have more going on than the one thing we’re discussing.
  • Work is NOT the most important thing in your life. I assume that your relationships, interests, and responsibilities outside work directly impact your happiness.
  • It is hard to be happy at work if your job negatively impacts one of those things.
  • You are the Directly Responsible Individual unless you specifically ask me to own an action item.
  • If you find something interesting, you will share it with me.

Contact Information

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